Unleashing Peak Performance:
How the World's Top Athletes are Harnessing the Power of Neurofeedback

Kris A

Kris A | July 19, 2023

How top athletes use neurofeedback

Top athletes are always on the hunt for the latest technology that can give them a competitive edge.

Until now, athletes have been focused on technology that can help increase physical performance.

But coaches and athletes around the world are realizing there is a huge flaw in this approach.

What is the flaw exactly?

Focusing only on physical performance.

Athletes are beginning to understand that mental performance is just as important as physical performance.

Even the world's greatest athlete in peak physical condition can’t perform at their best if they are stressed out, anxious, and distracted.

Former New York Yankees coach Yogi Berra said it best: “Sports is 90% mental and 10% physical”

Many fans have watched some of the greatest athletes fall apart on live TV because “their head wasn’t in the game”

The truth is that your body can only perform at the highest levels if the mind allows it.

This is why top performing athletes are turning to neurofeedback devices such as Muse to help them manage their stress and improve their focus.

In the recent Netflix hit series “Quarterback”, NFL star Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings reveals that he uses Muse smart headband to help him enhance his performance on and off the field.

Kirk Cousins

Athletes rely on Muse and its Neurofeedback technology to help them fix six key areas that impact their performance:

Lack of Concentration - When athletes get distracted or lose focus they tend to make mistakes they normally wouldn’t make. Oftentimes, this is a result of their mind being occupied with thoughts relating to their personal life.

Handling Stress - Athletes often have the pressure of franchise owners, team mates, fans, all counting on them to perform on game day. This overwhelming pressure to perform can often make Athletes extremely stressed.

Poor Decision Making - A distracted anxious mind struggles to make the right call under pressure. Making the wrong decision with a few seconds left on the clock can be the difference between winning a championship or another embarrassing loss for the team.

Sluggish Performance - When athletes are not focused, reaction times can suffer. A lack of mental sharpness can cause athletes to be slow to respond in fast paced environments.

Reduced Motivation - It’s hard for athletes to be motivated if they are feeling anxious, distracted, and not fully present. These anxious feelings can often result in a loss of passion, drive, and enthusiasm for the game.

Emotionally Disconnected - Athletes may feel detached or disengaged from the intensity of the game and the objective at hand. Their minds may be lost in a sea of emotions and random thoughts.

In order to combat these issues athletes are using neurofeedback devices like Muse to help them retrain their minds to better handle stress and even more importantly focus during game time.

One of the key ways Muse helps athletes retrain their minds to focus better is by using dynamically generated audio sounds. Unlike brain training apps that play pre-recorded audio, Muse uses the signals it detects from the sensors inside of the headband to tell the app what audio to play in real-time.

If your mind is completely distracted and unfocused the Muse headband will detect that and immediately react by changing the audio to sounds of stormy weather in your headphones. If your mind is focused and calm, Muse will react by changing the audio sounds to calm, peaceful sounds.

This real-time audio feedback using your brain signals is the true magic behind Muse’s ability to help you retrain your brain.

Thanks to Muse's tiny EEG brain sensors, it can detect when you are distracted before you do. Using its real-time audio feedback, Muse can gently guide you back to a focused state.

After routinely doing sessions with Muse, users begin to notice they can easily refocus their minds.

Beyond improving focus, Muse’s specially designed meditation sessions help athletes truly extract the benefits of meditations helping them feel calm, present, and relaxed before game day.

If you want to copy the approach used by top performing athletes and leverage neurofeedback to improve your own mental performance then you might want to check this out.

If you want to copy the approach used by top performing athletes and leverage neurofeedback to improve your own mental performance then you might want to visit the Muse website here.

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