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Train your brain to unlock more focus and inner calm–in just a few minutes a day

Muse S with App screens Muse S with App screens

This Alight Benefits approved smart wearable helps you control wandering thoughts and stressful feelings so you can perform better in work and life.

Ron Freedman

“Muse has been instrumental in improving my mental state. It helped me finally "get" meditation, which has taught me breath and calming techniques that have been so helpful in my daily life. I am now more present, focused, and better equipped to handle life's challenges.

Plus, it was affordable thanks to my Alight Benefits. A fantastic bonus!”

Ron Freedman Head of Product for 14 years
at Dell Technologies

*Dell Technologies is not affiliated with Muse

Did you know? As a Dell employee,
Muse is covered by your Alight Benefits plan

Unlock deeper focus, less stress, and better sleep – all for 60% off using your Dell company benefits

Muse S Band Muse S Band

92% of study participants reported they felt relaxed after using Muse*

*Based on findings from this study:
Results may not be typical.

Women Meditating With MuseS

Real User Reviews

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Amanda Kurzman

Amanda Kurzman

1 review Location US

Jan 30, 2023

Great meditation, relaxation and learning tool
I find the app and headband really useful. As a beginning meditation practitioner, I love the real-time feedback. Even more fun, I can also immediately see the impact on heart rate variability of my meditation session (as tracked by my Apple Watch). Using the Muse S, I’ve been able to improve my heart rate variability (reduce the physical expression of stress in my body) by more than 50% in just a few sessions. Love this product!

Roxanne Murphy

Roxanne Murphy

1 review Location US

Oct 26, 2020

I’ve been using the Muse headband every…
I’ve been using the Muse headband every night since it arrived and I’m now going for a month of meditation. I love the headband and the statistics that it provides. I’m grateful for the sessions regarding stress because my job is crazy, with or without a pandemic. It also helps so much to start my essential oil diffuser, get in my cozy PJs, settle in with a Muse meditation and then drift off to sleep. Thank you for the product, the peacefulness and for being there for me. :)


Ryan :)

1 review Location US

Jan 30, 2023

Amazing little piece of technology
Amazing little piece of technology. I don’t know how you guys do it, but when I stop thinking, the rainforest becomes silent. It’s hyper sensitive. I almost feel like it can read my mind, lol. After a week or so of using this device, I’ve been able to keep my mind quiet for 10 minutes or longer. Thank you so much for this and helping me become zen with myself. Best $250 I ever spent, worth the money for sure!

How to Get your Muse S through Alight

Just follow these simple steps to save 60% on Muse:

  1. Buy the Muse S using the special offer linked below. This link offers an exclusive offer for Dell team members to save 20%.
  2. Once you purchase the Muse S, claim your additional $200 rebate by using the Alight Smart Choice app, or by calling the Dell Benefits Center at 1-888-335-5663.
  3. Receive your Muse Smart Headband in the mail.
  4. Use Muse to help train your brain to be more calm and less stressed.
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