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Muse Team Interview: Amanda from Product Design

Nadia K

Meet Amanda. She’s a Product Manager here at Muse who works with our internal teams to turn customer feedback into new features in the app.

Whenever someone in customer care surfaces a great piece of feedback from the Muse community, it’s Amanda’s job to work with the researchers and developers at Muse to figure out how to turn that feedback into a usable feature.

She explains the rigorous testing each new Muse feature goes through before it’s ready for primetime, and how they decide whether to roll-out new features all at once, or a piece at a time, to make sure the requested features live up to the expectations of the Muse community.

Watch the video to find out how Amanda and the product management team at Muse prioritize what new features go into the app, and to get a sneak preview of what’s coming next for existing and new Muse users.

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