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Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Chrissy Carter

Nadia K

Chrissy Carter is an inspiring yoga and meditation instructor, writer, and artist. Her meditations are approachable and full of heartfelt wisdom. Chrissy has over a decade of experience—her yoga teaching style is influenced by her Iyengar-inspired practice, as well as her love for musculoskeletal anatomy, asana mechanics, and philosophy. She has appeared in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Whole Living, and Shape Magazine. Chrissy is the star of two Gaiam DVDs and is a featured teacher on Gaia. She is a sought-after expert for various publications, including Shape, Health, and Prevention Magazine. Chrissy’s true passion is to support and encourage self-acceptance in others.

Q & A with Chrissy Carter

How did you first discover meditation? Who or what inspired you to meditate?

I discovered meditation through my yoga practice. For me, yoga was an accessible doorway into meditation because it gave me a chance to work from the outside in. The body is a tangible, concrete tool for cultivating awareness—you can see it, touch it, and sense it. I find I’m better able to sit with my mind by first being in my body.

What’s a valuable lesson or insight you uncovered during your meditation journey?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through my meditation practice is how to cultivate a more compassionate relationship with myself. I’ve learned (and continue to learn) that how I see, understand, and connect with myself is the template for the space I hold for others. Observing my thoughts, but really my relationship to those thoughts—the stories I tell myself about my thoughts and what they mean—allows me to see how my patterns play out in every other aspect of my life.


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What’s your favorite meditation technique and why?

I prefer to work with the breath because it connects me to my body. The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. It’s accessible and consistent. When I get lost in the chaos and drama of my mental chatter, I can re-ground myself in my breath and start again. I think the breath is not only a wonderful tool to use if you’re just beginning a meditation practice, but also if you’re a more experienced practitioner because it offers infinite depth and potential.

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Chrissy is an inspiring yoga and meditation instructor, writer, and artist. Her meditations are approachable and full of heartfelt wisdom. Find her in the Calm, Happiness, Relationships, and College Collections.

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