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A calmer, more relaxed version of you awaits

Discover how to let go of worries, tension & anxious thoughts in just a few minutes a day.

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How It Works

Muse is a smart headband that acts as your personal meditation coach. Its advanced sensors can detect when your mind wanders and give you gentle audio cues to bring your focus back to the present. With Muse, meditation really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Put on your Muse and select a meditation. Muse’s sensors will passively measure your brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movement.

Step 2

Muse gives you real-time audio feedback so you can hear what’s happening in your mind. When you’re calm & settled, you'll hear peaceful weather.

Step 3

As your mind wanders and your focus starts to drift, you’ll hear stormy weather cueing you to bring your attention back to your breath.

Learn How It Works

Life Without Muse

  • Struggling to meditate
  • Don’t know if you’re doing it right
  • Can't measure results
  • Inconsistent meditation routines

Life With Muse

  • Meditate with ease
  • Better able to handle stress*
  • Better focus and clarity*
  • Feeling calmer and 
more relaxed*
  • Better emotional regulation*
  • 20% better sleep quality**
  • Track progress in real time
  • Consistent meditation routine

*Based on Muse customer research conducted April 2021
**A 2021 study by Cambridge Brain Science, Western University, Hatch, and Interaxon that used Muse S sleep support technology showed a 20% improvement in Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, relative to controls wanting to improve their sleep.

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Measure & Improve Your Sleep

Your Muse headband is more than just a daytime meditation coach. At night, it guides you into a deep, restful sleep by offering sleep journeys, soundscapes, guidances and bedtime stories designed to help you shut off your busy mind and prepare you for bed.

Muse's sleep experiences use innovative smart-fade technology to cue your brain to sleep, and fall back asleep if you wake up through the night.

Plus, it tracks how deeply you sleep and the time you spend in different sleep stages and positions, so you can use these insights to build strong sleep habits that last.

Backed by Research

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View Research

Take Your Mindfulness to the Next Level

The Muse app is loaded with content to help you experience a better quality of life than you ever thought possible.

Musers get access to:

  • 500+ guided meditations from world renowned instructors
  • Mindfulness experiences tailored to stress reduction, happiness, performance, sleep, and much more
  • Step by step programs to teach you meditation basics, deepen your practice, get your best rest, and learn the neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Ability to pair your Muse headband with your favorite apps and external content

More Calm. Sharper Focus. Better Sleep.

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